Elected Officials

Denise M. Blaha

Stanley Jarvis
Road Commissioner

Cathy Hotz Gaby
Town Clerk

George Blaha
Board of Trustees

Jim Palovick
Board of Trustees

Ronald Eckert
Board of Trustees

Charlie Todd
Board of Trustees

No Office Holder

Attention Millstadt Township Residents
The Township is providing free of charge reflective house number signs. Contact the Millstadt Fire Dept. at 476-1234 for instructions. Limited quantity available.


When: First Saturday of each month: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.

Where: Township Road District Garage: Corner of Jefferson and Harrison St., Millstadt

What: Aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans, clean aluminum foil and pie plates, glass (clear, green & brown), no. 1 & 2 plastic containers, newspaper, cardboard, & paperboard.

We have been notified by our Recycling man, due to health reasons he is going out of business.

He will no longer be picking up any large item recycling. Millstadt Township is discontinuing the program.

Do not leave anything, appliances, etc. at the Township Hall.

Board of Trustees Meeting Schedule for 2018-2019

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